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Sustainability, climate change, degradation of the environment, extinction of species and loss of biodiversity loss: these may be the most important problems that the human race has ever faced. Without statistics we are powerless to identify what is happening or decide what to do. Here is the statistical background to the future of our planet.

Book reviews

How to weigh a donkey in the Kenyan countryside

Huff and puff

Data and privacy: Now you see me; New model for data sharing; Modern governance and staticians

Not every change is climate change

  • Author: Jordi Prats
  • Published: Feb 21, 2014 in Web Exclusive Articles

Is aid a waste of money?

Counting trees, carbon and climate change

Even birds follow Pareto's 80–20 rule

Who's afraid of George Kingsley Zipf? Or: Do children and chimps have language?

Visualising movement: The seagull

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