Google's take on the Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Author: Dominic Cortis

The Eurovision Song Contest consists of an array of "songs" from different countries. Each participating country sends its "top" "song" for the year to compete against other nations. The winner is decided via a telephone voting where each country attributes points to other countries according to their ranking and a jury panel.

The words "song" or "music" are used in a very loose manner if they are in the same sentence as Eurovision, and anyone out of Europe watching it would think it is an expensive version (circa €25million) of the Canadian X-Factor. If we watch it, it is mainly to hear Scott Mills commentary. Notwithstanding, for some unknown reason, we all love the Eurovision.

The guys at Google don't waste all their time on google maps, operating systems, browsers or Chromebook but have also used it wisely by creating an iGoogle Eurovision predictor, just what the World was missing. This basically shows how popular each candidate is according to internet searches and then calculates the telephone scores.

At the time of writing, Ireland's Jedward are in pole position while the UK's Blue are in the bottom part of the rankings. The winning country hosts the 2012 Eurovision and given the cost of hosting, I doubt many countries would be happy to get the legendary Douze Pointe but I do hope that the UK get them from someone, anyone.

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